• Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by Górecki featuring the soloist Dawn Upshaw.

    This work is unquestionably religious scored by an unquestionably religious composer. Whereas it once spoke to me when I was a Catholic […]

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    One of the pivotal moments during my deconversion was being at Mass and being directed to offer an outstretched hand in blessing to a couple, for reasons I forget, as they left the church. Thoughts of Luke Skywalker trying to unsubmerge his X-Wing from the swamp in Dagobah came to mind. It was a moment that made me examine how the blessing wasn’t…[Read more]

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    I think like many interests, if you enter a new hobby with enthusiasm you will be that much more rewarded. What Steve said above is also true, you’ll see English grammar in a new light as well.

    Viel Glück.


  • My primate thumbs are with you and yours, as in “thumbs up.”