• eejit wrote, “I suspect that, after they had solved the problem of dealing with other animals, as is the case with all species, the main evolutionary engine driving the brain development of our primitive […]

  • Question: If what we are is a result of evolution, why do we have intelligences which would seem to be beyond what would have come about to give primitive people a survival advantage?
    This youtube video, tour of […]

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    I would like to explore the idea of a guaranteed basic income and connecting this to different economic classes’ spending patterns: -If U give $1,000 a month to people in the lower income levels, they are probably going to go out and spend it on basic goods and services. The money turns over pretty fast and the economy is stimulated. But if U give…[Read more]

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    Anyone else uncomfortable with trying to define secularism and atheism as faiths and religions? By what definition of religion is atheism a religion? What purpose is served by putting forth the concept of “secular religion”? The problem: How can we have separation of church and state if church and religion are now defined in this New Age fashion?…[Read more]

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    Of course in Mormon theology God does have a wife, Heavenly Mother, and Mormon fundamentalists believe that Heavenly Father has multiple wives.

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    In the US, for most people belief in God is the default position. But when you ask them to describe this god, is it a “he”? If it is a “he”, does he have a penis? A penis has two functions. Does God have to take a pee? Is there a Mrs. God? Where does he reside? If he is all knowing, all good, and all powerful, why is there evil? When you ask suc…[Read more]

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    The galling irony is that these snake-oil salesmen see themselves as the true Americans patriots.

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    No problem with anything Harris has written but it behooves Jews and Christians when writing such to also call out, each time and as forcefully, the dangers to world peace posed by their religious group. Failure to do so raises the question of their motivations and intellectual honesty.

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    Silverman speaks of Unitarian president, The Reverend Peter Morales, “telling us (atheists) we can simply make up different definitions of “God”.
    The use of religious language to mean anything at all has the effect of religious language being even more meaningless and disingenuous in the hands of New Age / Post Modern religious leaders than whe…[Read more]