• Stephanie wrote a new post, An update on Richard's condition in his own words. 4 years, 4 months ago

    Richard recorded the following message to update everyone on his condition.

    • You’ve engendered much respect and admiration from those of us that know your work. Please take care of yourself and recover soon. The fights not over and we need you at the helm.

    • Get well fast Richard, and take heart! Your work and performances with Hitch, Dennett, et al certainly won’t be forgotten, also here in Australia against the fascist Pell. You have set a great example of courageously serving the betterment of humanity and your deeds will echo and ripple through history yet to be written. You cannot know the full effects of your ventures, or how great their results.

    • My very best wishes, Dr. Dawkins, for your full and complete recovery from this stroke and may you never have another one. Thank you for all you have done to enlighten me.

    • Dear prof. Dawkins, as I was reading “Brief candle in the dark” (Dutch translation), I was just “passing by” your website. (already missing the book, which stays at home during my work – but apparently the addiction to your words is stronger than myself) I was shocked to read about your condition (and at the same time glad that you kept your sense of humour). I hope, like so many others, that you will get well soon. Now, more than ever, we need people like you. Luckily, it’s not only genes that can spread hope for the future.
      So long, and thanks for all your books!
      Lieve (Belgium)

    • Wishing you all the best Richard. Hope you recover soon and completely. We so desperately need minds like yours to keep the world within the bounds of reality. Regards Gerhard James Nell.

    • My son told me about this tonight.We are very concerned for you.PLEASE take care of yourself.
      Bests wishes.

    • Get well soon Richard. The work that you do, giving a voice to Atheism,
      is so helpful to a better today for everybody on this planet.

      I don’t think I can put into words the appreciation I have for the fact that you put yourself out there, whilst taking all the criticism from religious people, and doing it so patiently and gracefully.

      You have earned some time off, but please get back out there when you can!

      You have changed more people’s lives then you will ever know.


    • Dear Dr. Dawkins- I felt saddened and worried to learn about your stroke, but am immensely glad that you seem to be on the mend.

      I just want to express my sincerest thanks for the powerful influence you have been in my personal intellectual and spiritual life odyssey. I still remember the moment, years ago, when I was reading your book Blind Watchmaker, and as I read the chapter “Making tracks through animal space”, and learned for the first time how it was possible to metaphorically view life on earth as a vector space (with genes as basis vectors), with all that entails, I began to get goose bumps (blessed vestigal characteristic!) and imagined that I could hear the opening chords of the music of 2001- A Space Odyssey. While I was slowly undergoing the loss of my religious faith and casting about for something to fill the emotional void, I was learning from you, Carl Sagan and others that there is a depth of wonder and beauty to the natural world, and to the pursuit of knowledge, which was completely up to the task. I learned that the time to “put away childish things” is a time for rejoicing, not regret.

      Thank you so much for this. Please do get better.

      All my best-


    • I find tears in my eyes, I am not religious but now I just want to do pray for your quick recovery. am i stupid 🙁

      Professor Richard Dawkins is my favorite scientist although I have only watched a video about him for the first time two weeks ago (youtube is blocked in China). I am from an atheist background and for the past ten years have been searching for religion and spirituality mainly from Buddhism. most of my best friends are nuns and monks and although I appreciate some of the teaching of Buddhism I could never believe the superstitious part therefor I can’t really bridge the gap between me and my friends. Science has to be the best belief ever by human being, It could become a religion only less the manipulation and corruption of other religions.

      I consider myself 90% of atheist. the other 10% is still wondering: is there anything at all beyond science and physical, is there a secret of the universe? I want to keep my heart open. 🙂

      Could there be a scientific approach for spirituality? I wonder.

      Please get well soon, you are our hero.


    • Very sorry to hear about your stroke, Professor Dawkins. It gave me pause to imagine a world without people like you. I recently read An Appetite for Wonder, and was throughout reminded of your life-long dedication to science, education and humanity. You should be very proud of your achievements.

      When Christopher Hitchens died in 2011, I was shocked and profoundly moved. Our world lost such a bright light, such a fierce warrior, and such a powerful force for change; that is to say, for good. And the gift of having him on our side, for such a noble and enlightened cause, was taken from us far too soon.

      This is how I feel about you, Professor Dawkins. May you not be taken from us too soon. Hope all is well.

    • I’ve just listened to your recording, you’re sounding very positive. I’ve enjoyed your books and listening to your lectures on You Tube, you’re an absolute inspiration. Get well soon Professor Dawkins

    • The body is a useful and powerful thing, also very fragile as you know better than most. The work that you do is valued by so many that it would be difficult to measure your positive impact on humanity. I certainly have enjoyed every moment that I have been able to spend listening to your lectures, interviews and debates, and would like to thank you.

      I respect the balanced nature and courtesy that you are able to maintain while dealing with individuals who are to put it nicely, difficult to communicate with and non-nonsensical. I have learned so much from your work, and look to you and your friends for expanding my understanding of the natural world and how to conduct myself as a scientist.

      How lucky we are to have you here.

      Get well sir, and thank you.

    • I love you, Richard. Get well and back at ’em.

    • Hey Crookedshoes, here.
      I used to love this site (still do, just a bit differently). I raged here when you were allowed to rage. I contributed more than daily…. hourly…. even minute by minute. i met so so so many awesome people and minds. i learned.
      I read insane tropes and sane poetry. Some of you folks were so important to me. None as important as Richard.

      There were a few times when Richard directly answered something I had posted and I’d run to my colleagues (in the Biology department) and boast and brag. I’d screen shot the conversation and send it to them. It was a huge part of my day.

      I’ve read his books. I’ve agreed with him. I’ve disagreed with him. I’ve always admired his mind and as a Biologist, he’s top notch. Now, I think very fondly of his persona and his courage disseminating his truth to the world. I’ve gotten so much from him. In times like these it is best to stay positive and simple.

      Sir, you are in my thoughts and I am heartened by the thought that very soon you will feel better..

    • Crooked Shoes #513

      I raged here when you were allowed to rage.

      Lovely to see you back, Crooked Shoes. We’re sure there are many users who have missed you as much as we have. There was nothing in your contributions that would fall foul of the Terms of Use, either then or now, so there’s absolutely no obstacle to your taking part regularly again if you would like to. We’d be delighted to see you posting regularly again.

      The mods

    • Thanks, I am smiling about the kindness of your words.

    • Dear Richard Dawkins,

      I have been following you for 10 years now. Now I am 58.
      I think I have been an atheist (and rationalist) all of my life. But you encouraged me to make it explicit, first to myself and then to all the other people.
      I was moved when I heard you saying things I had had in my mind from long ago. For example, when you referred to your reaction when, when you were a child, you learned that there were other religions too, and that it could not be that you had just “been born” within the right one. This also happened to me when I was a child, too.
      I was raised in a argentine, liberal and open minded family, moderately catholic, but very critical of the catholic church. And in spite of my parents being believers, they were strictly rational in all other matters, specially in their firm rejection of any kind of pseudo-science.

      I teach and do research at the Computer Science Department of the School of Natural and Exact Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, and at this school there are quite a few followers of you.

      Listening to your speeches and to your interventions in debates, something I do regularly, means reaching an oasis of clear thought. It is a pleasure for the intellect.

      I know you have suffered a stroke, and this is the main reason of this letter. It has been with great joy and hope that I have listened to your words after this incident.

      You know how meaningful your life is for so many people around the world.
      I know that you will keep on fighting now more than ever.

      very best wishes for a fast recovery,
      Julio C. JACOBO

    • Dear Richard,

      I was very sorry to hear about your stroke, I hope you’re recovering well.

      I’ve been a huge fan of your books, you are by far the clearest scientific writer I’ve encountered. You’ve fostered in me a lifelong interest in science which I find ever more fascinating the more I read. As a programmer, the Blind Watchmaker was one of my favourites – I used Genetic Algorithms in my dissertation many years ago, it’s still my favourite work to date!

      I was always a bit of an atheist so I didn’t have a massive conversion like some others have, but your writing helped solidify evidence-based reasoning for me and reject any wishy-washy concepts I had before. I’ve recommended and passed on your books to friends and they (nearly!) all had the same affinity for them as I do (you even converted a couple)!

      I’ve never written a fan mail before so apologies if this is a bit gushy! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work. For me you are on the same level as Attenborough for enlightening the world. I wanted to let you know you’re appreciated because who knows which of the many hells we’ll end up in the afterlife! 🙂

      All the best,

    • I am a schizophrenic and an atheist, but brought up as a Christian, so I can say with all seriousness, go with God, treasure every moment the Lord allows you, love thy neighbor.

      Best Wishes,

      James M Constantino

    • Please get well Professor Dawkins. We love you.

    • Dear Richard,

      This is the third time you’ve incensed me. The first was in around 2001, when as a TV development producer I sent you an email requesting your involvement in a programme I was creating called “God In The Dock.” The idea was that we would use a court room scenario in a TV studio with advocacy for and against the existence of god and a jury of twelve good and true to evaluate the arguments. You were to be my lead barrister for the prosecution with an army of underling counsel. I was excited.

      But you politely declined, explaining your distrust of the jury system in matters of evaluating truth, and illustrating your point by sending me an article you’d written for The Telegraph (I think). The article spoke about the absurd nature of subjective human influence and persuasion when it comes to matters of fact, and by way of example, I can’t remember why, made reference to Tinbergen’s work on baby gulls pecking the red spots on their mothers’ beaks for regurgitated food.

      I was livid. I’d known about Tinbergen’s work. I’d known about the flawed jury system. But I also knew that with you on board the programme was as good as commissioned. And without you, well, personally I didn’t want to pursue the project. I remember saying to my boss, “A war isn’t a war without Churchill”. That night I went home and said to my wife, “Hey, guess what… I got an email from Richard Dawkins.” I didn’t really care about the programme. I just wanted to meet you.

      The second time I was incensed was when Nature, in around 2009, published a story about Tinbergen’s work being flawed. Damn you!

      And now this.

      Richard, as much as my never having met you galls me, the tirelessness of your efforts to promote reason, if it is at the expense of your health, galls me immeasurably more. You have become a living beacon for millions of people. And while you are alive you will shine. Put your health first and just be around. It’s going to be a long game and we will need you. Your body of work already towers aplenty. You’ve written all you need to write, and debated all you need to debate. It’s out there and you have a following. Being around just underlines it all.

      I know it’s against your nature, but be an ‘angel of your better nature’ and stick with us. We haven’t got that knighthood yet. Just imagine how much that will sting. The odd high profile appearance here and there will help. Just to let them know you’re still a mighty thorn in the side of unreason.

      Until now you’ve been shining bright. Now you must shine long.

      We all love you, dude. Please, please, please take good care.

    • I’ve just heard you had а stroke and I am very sorry about it
      I’m very glad it didn’t affect the brain functions.
      I wish and hope you get well as soon as possible. Take care of yourself.

    • Dear Richard,

      I’m very sorry to hear of your medical challenges and relieved that you are on the path to betterment. As the pre-eminent voice of reason, we need you to soldier on for a very long time to come. I wish you a speedy recovery.

      Best regards,

      Allan H. Jensen

    • Dear Dr. Dawkins,
      I am distressed to hear of your stroke, but delighted to hear you’re on the mend. We in the scientific community and specifically in the life sciences community wish you a full recovery, though, as you will appreciate, we shall not be praying for such.

    • You are one of the many people who have enlightened me in my life, and for that I thank you. Get well richard

    • Richard Dawkins you are The Hope of my life. Please get better the universe would be darker without you.

    • just a comment – I think that one of the obstacles which skeptics find too hard to overcome is our difficulty in comprehending the unimaginable length of time over which evolution has gradually played out, up to now.
      It is hard to imagine how different human civilization was 200 or 300 years ago and becomes even more difficult to get our heads around 2000 or 3000 years ago.
      Try to extrapolate that to 12,000 years ago and we already can’t really comprehend that amount of time.
      So, how much more difficult to understand how long ago 4 million years ago really is.
      And 65 million years ago.

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    • Dear Mr. Dawkins,
      You are very lucky, most of my patients suffering a stroke are not. They will have deficits, can’t speak, can’t reason, don’t remember things. I am glad you are recovering, keep your blood pressure in check! We would like to keep you around, for you are the voice of reason in a sea of insanity!

    • Given the reports in the press today, does RD keep an aspirin in his wallet/ travel bag? Now?

    • I would like to start this message by saying thank you sir. Thank you for your courage,honesty and devotion to science and the betterment of the human race. Because of you and others like you, the horrible dogma of religion is losing it’s grip on humanity,slowly,but steadily. Here,in the US there are shock waves spreading across the country and the people are starting to “wake up” . I have 2 daughters of ages 11 and 7 who are becoming interested in paleontology and physics without the destructive interference of faith and religion confusing them. This in in part due to the agnostic feelings of their mother and i refusing to allow religion to ruin their education and understanding of the world as it actually is,and,the positive influences of dedicated teachers such as yourself who are standing up against abusive,superstitious,and seriously outdated mythological concepts of the world that we have long outgrown..Again, Thank you so very much Mr Dawkins for being here in this world and making a difference. with warmest possible regards… Adam and Mary Wager , Florida,United States

    • Richard, you are my hero. I forbid you to die before me!

    • Keep up the fight Mr Dawkins and take all the time you need! You have done some much for all out there and now it is time to concentrate a little bit more on yourself. Looking forward to hearing you speak again. Take care and thank you for everything!

    • Dear Professor Dawkins, best wishes from my cosmology, theoretical physics class for your rapid recovery. And we hope that your family is doing well under these difficult times.
      Prof. J. van Luik

    • Get well soon Richard
      how do you feel now ?
      wish you all the best

    • Please get well again soon Richard. The world needs you..Desperately. Don’t let the fanatical feminazis and their hate-mongering campaign bring you down.

    • We love you Richard, get well soon.

    • Mr Dawkins,

      For some time I have been very much intrigued by the different vague beliefs and by the concrete belief (religion vs. truth/evidence) and I must say that the first time that I heard anyone that made real sense was some years ago.
      I saw/heard someone which made more sense than opening a mouth to speak or opening the eyes to see, that person was you and it changed the way I see life in a much more humble and correct way, and I have really opened my eyes to the beauty of the Word and how it evolved, and for that, I will always save you in my mind and in my heart!

      I hope you are doing better and please stay strong for your family and friends, and for all the other people in the world that admire and follow you.
      Get well and don’t forget that the world is not Ready to Loose you!

      Kind regards

    • Richard,

      Though it may sound odd to you, I consider you to be one of the most spiritual people on the planet. That’s because I define spiritual as the ability to be in touch with and responsible to reality. This naturally means that most believers are not especially spiritual. Without knowing it, I have held this definition since I was 7 because though I was required to attend church, I found the whole business hypocritical. And that was before I even knew about the word hypocritical. What I observed was behavior among so-called Christians that did not accord with what they were supposed to have believed. And I have since come to understand that it is not “what people believe” that is the problem, it is the very act of believing itself that is the problem. From what I can tell, believing is a form of brain use that originates in the primitive or fear mode regions of the brain. This is why believers take it as an insult when their beliefs are criticized. The primitive brain views every form of attack as lethal threat. People who are spiritually developed use the higher regions of the brain to function on, which makes them difficult to insult. Spiritual people live happily in a state of not knowing, doubt, and knowing…states which create great anxiety for people who function on believing. The reason why is that knowing is extremely hard work, doubting makes one very unpopular, and not knowing is merely acknowledging no knowing and insisting on not believing as a substitute.

      You have made yourself a target for a lot of hatred from believers. And I suspect that if you switched your focus to convincing others to stop using belief and stop believing, the belief in God issue would largely take care of itself. That could only help your health concerns.

      For myself, I choose to believe nothing in order to avoid using the primitive brain. It means I have to do a lot of hard work thinking and reasoning through things that others zip right through because they function on belief. And if you think about the characteristics of belief, you will likely discover that belief is super fast (because the primitive brain needs to operate at an unthinking lightning speed), it needs to be easy (because thinking is actually hard work), and it needs to make the believer feel safe and secure (because the primitive brain is all about survival and believing is usually the result of the search for the absence of threat). If I can’t know something directly, I prefer to believe nothing or allow the thing to prove itself over time. Which, if it is important enough to warrant my attention, I will think about as reality requires it of me. And when reality requires me to think, I prefer to wonder about things and make observations rather than formulate something that could degrade into a belief.

      So I hope your voice returns to full strength and you are able to enlighten us with more of your thinking.

      Best regards,

    • Dear Dr. Dawkins

      Here in Germany, Creationism is on the increase mainly for two reasons. One is that American ideas and customs tend to arrive here with a delay of five to ten years’ time. The other one lies in the influx of large numbers of refugees from the Near and Middle East, many of whom have a low level of education and are prone to Fundamentalism, anti-Semitism, Creationism etc.

      For this reason and to refresh my memory, I bought The Greatest Show 1), and as some questions arose I decided to have a look at your website in search of an answer. However, I was very concerned to read that you have suffered a stroke. Therefore, I decided to change tack and try to accelerate your recuperation with a new, revolutionary, grand, and hopefully amusing Theory of Evolution.

      In the course of my argumentation I will clearly demonstrate that your proposal of a Tree of Life is in error, and that the Animal Kingdom and the evolution of its members are to be interpreted in accordance with Aristotle’s vision of the Great Chain of Being, i.e. the organization of life on a Ladder from lower to higher organisms.

      The novel scheme I want to present to you was first proposed by the Dutch author Rudy Kousbroek 2) and is called the Aaibaarheidsfactor. In English I’ve christened it The Theory [sic] of Pettableness or, if you prefer Strokeability. All animals can easily be classified by this yardstick, and Evolution is certain to have taken place along these lines. So, nix hypothesis, the Aaibaarheidsfactor sprang to life as a full grown Theory – like Pallas Athene from Zeus’ (i.c. Kousbroek’s) head.

      At the lower end of the ladder, fishes are to be found, simply because of their watery environment, which is quite detrimental to stroking or petting. At the very bottom, one finds animals like oysters, jellyfish, piranhas and electric eels. Personally, I think the scale should be extended to include negative values for critters like amoebae, bacteria and viruses.

      Real trouble however, will break out regarding the top of the ladder 3), and I’m aware that outcry and great controversy will ensue because mankind will be dethroned, deposed, chucked down the ladder – no more King (or Queen if you like) of Creation. This position will now triumphantly be occupied by the most pettable, strokeable and generally amiable of animals, Felis silvestris catus aka the common housecat, a fact which is self-evident to all but the most demented and virulent cat haters.
      Populating the rungs between top and bottom of the Ladder is an exercise which I will gladly leave to you.

      Dear Professor Dawkins, I hope I’ve brought to you a moment’s mirth with my Grand Theory even though it is not yet a TOE (do you know it, the Holy Grail of physics: the grand Theory Of Everything? (Personally, I think this must designate God’s Toe that He severely stubbed on Emergence, but that’s another story.)
      I wish you all possible success on your arduous way to full recovery. I know this is an achievable goal because my sister in law has had a severe stroke and is, but for a negligible residue, fully recuperated.

      All the best and kind regards from sincerely yours
      Jan Willem Roberts

      Interestingly the Aaibaarheidsfactor has, after a slight mutation, become a widely recognized meme in Dutch society. The Aaibaarheidsfactor is indicative of people’s protectiveness of animals. In this sense, most people think that using apes or rabbits as laboratory animals is reprehensible but never give a thought to experiments with Fruit Flies.
      The meme has also come to mean likeable persons or gadgets [sic]. This means that for instance the iPad which is said to have a high factor of strokeability is universally popular. (I think this a bit smelly, and I do suspect that as usual, some marketing people are trying to hijack the meme.)

      My own contribution to the Theory is that it might easily be extended to include the Plant Kingdom. Asparagus, for instance is much more strokeable than seaweed. Furthermore, if besides stroking and petting, hugging is added to the definition, we should in one fell swoop have all tree huggers on our side!

      *) In the German translation which is quite good, BTW. It’s just a pity that the title has been dis-ambiguated into ‘Die Schöpfungslüge’, meaning ‘The Creation Lie’ – the Marketeers at work again?

      **) Rudy Kousbroek, De Aaibaarheidsfactor. Published by Uitgeverij Thomas Rap. Amsterdam, 1969

      **) By the way, Terry Pratchett was convinced that the Theory of Evolution would have met with decidedly less opposition if Darwin had published his Descent of Man using instead the title ‘Sex* and the Ascent of Man’, thus combining two potent selling points in just six words.

    • Mythoklast #541
      Jun 30, 2016 at 9:21 am

      This position will now triumphantly be occupied by the most pettable, strokeable and generally amiable of animals, Felis silvestris catus aka the common housecat, a fact which is self-evident to all but the most demented and virulent cat haters.

      Sorry, but I think others got to this “theory” first!

      It is well known that dogs have owners and cats have staff! 🙂

    • So sorry to hear you had a stroke! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • We love you Dr. Dawkins. You and Lalla are welcome in our home anytime.

    • I love you Richard! I hope you get better quickly. We need you many many years with us to spread science. You are one of my idols. I would be devastated if something bad happens to you :'(

    • From a truly inspired “Fan”, I wish Mr Dawkins a speedy and complete recovery in order to continue en-light the world with his unmistakable way of speaking a healthy and open view of our society (and its “tumor” of Religion). I have personally experienced a tremendous “mind growth” from his iterations and will be forever grateful!

    • Not only is the hand a wonderful tool like you were reading, but our bodies (all creatures) has pretty good ability to self repair. Too bad we don’t regrow our teeth. My teeth are in bad shape. Too bad we don’t regrow limbs and such like some creatures do, like the star fish. Luckily, I have all my limbs.
      I went through a rough patch for 4 years. I think it was dysautonomia (pounding heart, dizziness, feeling weird, nausea, etc) but luckily, I am much better this year. It is said that a portion of people with dysautonomia improve over the years.

      Chin up. Think positive. Love science.

    • The level of no religion is 22% in Australia. Not bad!

    • An electrical engineer I am. And yet a big big big big big fan of your works. Get well soon. We have got lot to do

    • All the best for a quick and full recovery!

    • You mean a lot to us, I hope you get well soon

    • It’s been six months. I’d love to hear another update. Hopefully as near to fully-recovered as possible!

    • Yes me too, i was shocked to see this video today!
      I hope Richard is better now, without any prayers

    • Richard Dawkins – incarnation of the Enlightenment
      I hope you know how many People you have helped, aided and comforted through Your books, debates and research. I am proud to be an ateist and an antiteist.
      Richard Dawkins – incarnation of the Enlightenment.
      Thank you. Thank you.

    • Had no idea!
      I hope you fully recovered in the meanwhile!

    • Richard, My very best wishes for the continued steady improvement in your medical condition. You do seem to be making progress judging by your latest recording. As a fellow alumnus of Chafyn Grove, though several years before you, I have always felt a certain kinship with you!
      May you go from strength to strength and soon be writing another book. You have verified to me that my atheism is indeed valid.
      Get well Soon!

    • A glass of water before and after sleep is good for the sacred heart. Best wishes from Leyte Philippines.

    • I hope you die, you highly evolved monkey ass!

    • Any updates for now ?
      Best wishes from Romania!

    • I have a special moment in my life, and it is when i free my mind with the Richard Dawkins documentaries. It was like i was in prison whole my life and get free after that special moment, words are insufficent to tell this. All this people are Richards seeds.

    • get well soon you ol’ buggah ‘cuz I’m not praying for you!

    • Right after I listened your voice message and learned about your stroke, I registered this web-page to make a comment to express how deeply concerned about your health condition. I send my best and sincere wishes to you to get better and stronger. Hopefully I never come across anything around such that related in person but I can imagine how exhausting and difficult it is. Get well soon and keep spreading your studies around the world since she needs you. Wish to meet with you in person and deliver a personal gift to you. All the best…


    • Be strong Richard. A beacon for many. A life of great worth. Your time is not now. Still time for many more happy times.

    • My 20-year-old daughter at college informed me that you had had a stroke last year and I found myself full of fear and profoundly sad. I am a new member and am so very happy to have this place to wish you well and by now as full a recovery as possible. Know that many more people love you than dare say aloud. I was among them but now am glad to be rid of religion and am encouraging others to listen to you. Thank you for setting me free and saving the lives of my children from the cruelty of religion.
      So sincerely,
      Monica Cooper
      Seymour, Indiana

    • I wish you the best and fastest recovery. We need more people like you in this world, not less !
      Paris, France.

    • Quote from Wikipedia:
      “Dawkins is an atheist, and is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design.”

      It is not late to change this.

      Best Wishes !

    • Lidia Bucur #565
      Mar 18, 2017 at 7:58 am

      “Dawkins is an atheist, and is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design.”

      It is not late to change this.

      This site does try to promote science education to enlighten those who have been indoctrinated in the pseudoscience of creationism and ID!

      Hopefully with proper education they can change to begin to see the ridiculous contradictions of vast bodies of scientific evidence which uneducated mind-blocking fundamentalist indoctrination, confers on its followers!

    • Get well soon Mr. Dawkins!!!

    • Dear Mr. Dawkins, i hope you are feeling better and you have some good times left on our little planet. I am so thankful i came across you and your work. Not knowing for a long time I can say for sure you had a great impact on me and i can look forward to read your books and watch a lot of videos from you in the future. its great thinkers like you who really can teach and you have left a very impressive resumé for the world to grasp. thanks a lot and i wish you the best with greatest respect from germany!

    • Dear Prof Dawkins
      Late hearing of your stroke back in Feb… you are recovering and recovering your good health, energy and vitality. Your contributions to, and leadership of, the world-wide endeavour to develop scientific and evidence-based cultures and rational acting secular societies is already of such quality and breadth as to rank you among the Champions of Humanity. As one of the ‘motes of dust’ in the Cosmos, I applaud and thank you for your tireless work for humanity in this regard. I trust that you have much more time to continue your work ….. so valued by all of us. Strength to your pure and noble mind.
      Liam Hanna (Australia)

    • Dear Prof. Dawkins,
      Please don’t give up but remember the many examples of people who suffered from a stroke but recovered their abilities to a remarkable extent by practicing and thus perfectly managed their lifes. Your major skill is anyway your intellect and this didn’t suffer at all.
      So get well soon and don’t fear any future controversy! It’s always worth fighting for the truth.
      Klaus-Peter Künkele, Germany

    • Get Well soon Richard, This mad world we live in needs people like you to keep us straight. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • I cannot thank you enough for you have opened my mind and eyes to the truth about religion. It has taken 50 years for me to finally say “I’m an atheist” out loud. Get well soon
      You’re reaching more people than you think. 🙂

    • There used to be on the Web a delightful account by King Mursili of his apparent stroke. This was the closest I could find.
      “The Hittite king Mursili II (r. about 1321-1295) had some kind of episodic aphasia or speech issue. Unfortunately, the text in which this is recorded is rather unclear about what the episode actually was (the exact wording as translated in Bryce or Van Der Hout’s article is little more specific than “the storm god made my mouth cease functioning”) and we are of course unable to investigate Mursili II’s pathology directly other than speculate that it was in some way linked to the enormous stresses Mursili was usually under. Now how he reacted to this is somewhat interesting. On the one hand, it was clearly a serious problem given the enormous ritual attempts of his to restore his speech recorded in “Mursili’s Aphasia”(CTH 486). On the other hand, he was obviously still able to continue ruling and remained an effective and forceful king.”
      So lots to look forward to, if you avoid the storm god.

    • My father and I wish you a speedy recovery Dr. Dawkins.

      By the looks of the numerous replies here, I think you can afford yourself a pat on the back and a break from leading the revolt against indoctrination. You’ve done an incredible job opening the eyes of the blinded, world-wide. Though religion will never completely die (unfortunately), education (atheism) will always provide a guiding light for the deluded.

    • Get well you old fucktty-fuck!

      We still have much work to do, and many dark minds to light.