• Photo credit: Rogelio V. Solis/AP
    By Adam Ganucheau

    Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has signed into law House Bill 1523, which allows circuit court clerks and business owners to refuse service to same-sex […]

    • @OP – The bill, which states it “protects religious liberties” of those who would usually assist with same-sex weddings, such as photographers, pastors and wedding-related businesses, garnered national attention as Bryant’s decision loomed. The law goes into effect July 1.

      This is obviously “theist interpretation of words with the help of bias blinkers”!

      What it actually does is assists bigots in the TAKING of religious liberties with other peoples rights!

    • @OP – “This bill is incredibly unconstitutional,” said George Cochran, constitutional law professor at the University of Mississippi School of Law. “I think lightning will strike if this (bill) is signed into law.”

      Remember that in US politics only the well sponsored and those favoured by media supported by corporate advertising, feature positively prominently.

      Hence scam for profit is the name of game!

      What better scam (well maybe apart from religion), could be devised to milk the public purse and victimised citizens, than to PAY muppet politicians to wilfully pass unconstitutional laws, and then PAY lawyers and judges block them, with further milking from appeals etc!

    • Maybe I am too cynical but I can’t see anything succeeding if the large corporates oppose it. Especially in the land of the ‘free’.

      Perhaps Alan is right about the ‘scam for profit’, destined to fail and make money at the same time.

    • A religious excuse to discriminate against gays is no different from a similar excuse to discriminate against blacks, women, Muslims, atheists, Christians, old people…

      To be consistent, religion should be an excuse for murder, double parking or any other crime. Why single out just discrimination against gays?

    • ‘scam for profit’, destined to fail and make money at the same time.

      Somehow that made me think of Donald Trump. Prediction: President Trump or not, he’ll emerge from his campaigning considerably richer than when he started it. Discuss.

    • A religious “freedom” law is an excuse for any religious group to impose religious beliefs on others. There must be a constitutional amendment that clearly states that anyone has freedom FROM religion, otherwise evangelicals and Catholics would have the so called “freedom” to outlaw not only abortion (in their definition) but also contraception (a means to prevent unnecessary abortions). Eventually I could see a religious war between catholics and evangelicals about who has the absolute truth. We could go back to medieval thinking and a new dark age until humanity grew up and discarded religion entirely.

      We need a new renaissance.