• Stephanie wrote a new post, Children’s Home Shuns Atheist Dollars 3 years, 10 months ago

    By Katie Zavadski

    On Monday, Matt Wilbourn, the founder of the Muskogee Atheist Community in Oklahoma, made a $100 donation in his organization’s name to the Murrow Indian Children’s Home. Later that day, his […]

    • These “christians” probably wouldn’t give money to an Atheist in need either.

    • @OP – “She went on to say that they are funded by the American Baptist Churches Association and accepting a donation from atheists would go against everything they believe in.”

      That sounds about right!
      Proselyting and indoctrinating children, is what they “believe in”!
      Giving a home to children is just a means to that end – and after all, it does provide a captive audience, with little chance for them to escape!

    • @Alan4discussion


      At the back of every Abrahamic delusional-oids mind is the conversion thought. Unless, of course, it is at the front of their mind!

    • “Religion poisons everything?”


    • The reasoning is the Baptists might withdraw their support. It is purely a financial decision.

    • It is pretty disgusting taking from underprivileged kids to play silly spit-on-you games. I doubt the kids would care where the money came from, yet they are the ones who take the hit for refusing the donation. The Baptists lose nothing.

    • It appears that those who did not agree with the home’s refusal to accept the money have effectively shut down its facebook page and the “contact” section on the organization’s homepage. While I disagree with their position, this was the wrong kind of response.

    • Okay, the Baptists refused his donation so he set up a GoFundMe page for the same Murrow Indian Children’s Home. Amassed over $28,000 and then decides to give approximately $5,000 to the children’s home and the rest to Camp Quest. What??? Did the donors intend/expect their money to go to the Native American kids? I understand being aggravated by the insult to atheists. I understand the impulse to show them by setting up the GoFundMe page and I applaud everyone who donated. But I don’t understand giving 1/5 to the charity and the rest to CampQuest. I looked on the page but there was no info how how that was decided or if the donors were okay with it.

      If you think the Baptists will use the money for indoctrination or waste it or whatever, why give them any? If you think they’ll use properly for the kids benefit, why don’t they get it all? If they can find a friendly church to funnel it through, maybe they can find a way to get it to the kids and bypass the Baptists. Or limit how they can use it?

      Trolling the Facebook page and comments with stupid comments and insults doesn’t help atheists.

    • Ep2016, he started the GoFundMe to see if they would change their minds once the $$$ rolled in. They continued to refuse the money because of their “Biblical principles”. The money had to go somewhere, so he named Camp Quest as a secondary choice should the MICH continue to refuse. If you look at the comment section on his GoFundMe page, you’ll find most seem to be aware of his secondary choice.

      Despite their continued refusal, he still wanted to get some of the money to the MICH kids – even arranging for a church to pass the money on. MICH stated they’d still refuse the donation even if it went through a church. As well as that, he’s even attempted to pay their electricity bill, etc, as a way to get some of the money to benefit them.

      Giving up, he and the Muskogee Atheist Community have decided to give it all to Camp Quest. Personally, I can think of far more deserving charities, but at least the money is going to benefit kids and the secular community. So it’s still a good thing.

    • Bruiser40- Thank for all that information, I’m glad to know it (I don’t know how I missed it). It’s really hard to believe they would give up that much money if they were truly concerned for the children.

      It sounds like Mr. Willborn behaved and continues to behave, like an exceptionally compassionate and good-hearted person.

      I also glad to know that the donors were also aware of the backup plan. And I agree it’s a still a really good thing.

      Thanks again for letting me know.

    • The Vatican recently paid $1B to keep their priests and nuns out of court for their systematic sexual abuse of native children in their care in Canadian residential schools over 5 decades. The Pope would never show his face here. I would never leave children in the hands of people of any religion as to begin with they live in a world where logic and reason are forbidden but blind worship of the supernatural, self righteousness and delusional fantasy are prerequisite qualities of caregivers.