• A family court judge told a father he was “unwise” to have taken his ultra-Orthodox Jewish children to a museum where images and exhibits depicted the theory of evolution.

    Judge Judith Rowe made the remark in […]

    • When I read the headline, I thought that it was going to be a story about some hic backwoods judge in the deep south of the USA. But in London???!!!

    • Excellent, Alan.

      I think its time the state considered a children’s advocate.

      The theft of a child’s right to choose because early experience is the next best thing to hard-wiring, should become a prosecutable offence. Aspects of key stage 1 National Curiculum should form the basis of requirements. This is a simple mental health requirement like all such health obligations on parents.

    • Hey,
      Believe it or not, when Alan4 posts the broader context of the judges words…. It is actually good advice. IF you don’t want your kids to learn…. IF you think of evolution as heresy…. IF you’d like to raise your children ignorant of the world….IF you’d like you tiny bubble to be preserved, THEN, it is damn dumb to expose the kids to anything remotely close to educational. You should also be sure they don’t see ant of those “moving pictures” or a color tv….

      This is child abuse. If the child’s muscles were as withered and emaciated as the child’s brain, we’d step in societally. How about it? This is malnourishment and neglect but, of an intellectual construction….

    • Hi Alan [#2]

      I just wanted to add my vote of thanks to others. An outstanding contribution.


    • Even ignoring the religious argument, the couple are separated. The mother has NO SAY in how the father raises the children when they are with him, just as he cannot dictate what she does with them under her care.

    • If you dont want your kid to run away, you could keep him in a chicken coop and let him develop rickets.

      I suppose the question for these squabbling parents is this: what’s more important to you, your religion or your kids?

    • I think we’re beating a dead horse. Sounds like drum beating on the part of this site. Yes, there are new members that need to know about this stuff; but what’s the solution? Let’s come up with solutions and move into the sphere of action instead of getting off on all this shit!

      I love this site but let’s all try to evolve a bit. It’s often the same thing over and over again: “those religious people are bad….bla bla bla”

      (I am outspoken.)

    • Several people have offered solutions, Dan. Where’s yours?

    • Sorry, Phil and others. I am so furious and frightened about what is going on now with Trump and his transition that I didn’t even read the comments. I will take a couple of days off from the site and try to cool down.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Dan,

      This could be the wake call for the young to engage in grown up politics.

      Breathe deeply, relax, but don’t go too far. Now is the time you are most needed.

    • This judge is saying “You must hide your child from the truth. If he hears it, it will be obvious what we have been telling him is a lie, and god wants him to believe a lie.”

    • This judge appears to have made a big mistake. I thought that in Family Law, the interest of the child comes first ? Apparently this judge thinks that denying this child the right to learn about reality, is superseded by some religious tradition based on Judaism, itself based on nonsense.

    • An excellent, depressing article. Thanks, Paul…authors and BBC.

      I am moving to the view that we need a new law, or better an adaption of an existing law.

      It is my understanding, following “Kayani” the DPP can indeed bring a charge of parental kidnapping. So…

      I want a charge of “intellectual kidnapping” where a child is so kept from knowledge and experience deemed common and beneficial she is unable to exercise her obligations as an informed member of society and voter in later life, nor fully able to widely choose an existence for herself, through intellectual impoverishment as set out in some essential set of the National Curriculum, say.

      If education demands standards be set, we darn well need to get consistent about it. Children are not property, though they can be enslaved. Love them enough to set them free. Stockholm syndrome in the young is the worst abuse.

    • How can someone who’s been rendered irrational by religious indoctrination ratiocinate?

      Perhaps one accidental result of religions is that they deaden the reasoning portions of the brain and nourish its creative and imaginative faculties, somewhat like an addictive substance.

      That might go some way to explaining why so many brilliant people remain deeply devout; they function at full blast in their working environment, but as soon as they leave it they become subject to certain aromas, sounds, colours or combinations of other stimuli, which subconsciously trigger certain kinds of behavior.

      And maybe I’m talking total tripe, but I’ve spent too much time typing it to not post it.

    • A4d

      As usual, Trump has waded in spouting contrarian nonsense with both wellies in his mouth!

      Heh…I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall in the White House oval office these days. I’ll just bet the air is blue.

    • Alan4discussion 22

      Zionist biblical literalist fundamentalists, are not open to reason, advice, or criticism.

      Is Zionism nationalism or religion? Complex question. It is both. It is mostly nationalism, I think. I know of many Zionists who don’t have a religious bone in their body.

      The distinction between Zionism and Judaism remains in constant need of clarification and discussion.

      Propaganda has successfully blurred the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

    • Alan4discussion

      …refusal to enter into meaningful negotiations…

      “Fanatics closed to discussion believe in their moral superiority and create political terror so as to silence and deny. The charge of ‘delegitimizing Israel’ requires one to question what the Israeli government is hiding and whether Israel has not delegitimized itself through decades of illegal human rights abuses.

    • Last comment for the day (Christmas day):

      In my opinion, Zionism is a nationalistic, racist and brutal ideology. It is not about religion. (I get a little confused sometimes.)

      Many Zionists claim that Jews who do not support the Zionist vision of a Jewish state only are anti-Semites. Awful.

    • Dan #25
      Dec 25, 2016 at 7:51 pm

      Zionist biblical literalist fundamentalists, are not open to reason, advice, or criticism.

      Is Zionism nationalism or religion? Complex question. It is both. It is mostly nationalism, I think.

      Zionism is a claim of “biblical authority” to possess land irrespective of any current legal ownership!

      I know of many Zionists who don’t have a religious bone in their body.

      If they are not making a religious claim, they are simply using a hypocritical pretext for enforced theft of land by armed gangs, and setting up a colonial apartheid state, with an army of occupation suppressing local dissent and resistance in occupied territories.