• A father and son accused of raping a teenage girl over a three-year period and keeping her shackled in a basement have made it clear that they don’t have faith in the law or in the people who practice it […]

    • LaurieB,
      It will be exceptionally satisfying when the law that these pieces of garbage do not recognize soundly throttles them and punishes them with the heaviest possible sentences.

      Hear me out on this because I can feel the eyes rolling and facepalms (due to the bullshit sentences handed out by bullshit judges in the bullshit legal system — like that human garbage swimmer shitbox and his light sentence).

      I do not think that it will play out like that here. Religious assholes like this that swear “the only book that matters…” blah blah blah not only run afoul of folks like atheists, they especially piss off these jolly tugnuts who want control and authority (the LAW — judges, cops, lawyers….) See, they NEED to be authoritarian and you have a much better chance with them if you “yes, sir….. no, sir” (or yes ma’am…. no ma’am as the case may be).

      The very worst posture to take is the “fuck you, you mean nothing” stance. That’s when they look to make an example of you. And, I sincerely hope that it plays out that way.

      Also, i’d love to wave this in the “religious Christian” faces and ask if all of them live this way (like they project all Muslims as terrorists)…. I am actually going to approach one of my “foes” (friendly) here at work and innocently ask “does it really SAY THAT?”

    • crookedshoes #2
      Jan 24, 2017 at 8:28 am

      Also, i’d love to wave this in the “religious Christian” faces and ask if all of them live this way

      Ah! But compartmentalism and fallacy rule the theist mind!!

      These rapists are not TRrooo Christians.

    • From a Washington Post article came this tidbit about the case. This is referring to the father/son rapists being implored to take professional counsel instead of representing themselves:

      “Professionals built the Titanic. Amateurs built the ark,” he told
      Jennings, the judge, according to the Toledo Blade.

      Oh Goodness. It’s truly incredible the level of delusion some of these folks can muster.

    • Crookedshoes

      It will be exceptionally satisfying when the law that these pieces of garbage do not recognize soundly throttles them and punishes them with the heaviest possible sentences.

      Hallelujah to that!
      In the past few years, based on articles that have come up on this website and other sources, I felt like these types of religious nutjobs were finally being put in their place – jail. Now this is another thing that I’m worried about under the current administration that is staffed by a cabinet of Christian and Jewish fundamentalists – will they turn a blind eye to deluded criminals who use their ancient Middle Eastern fairy tales as an excuse for murderous criminal behavior? Will the ten commandments slide right back into courtroom lobbies? All of the hard fought battles of the secular human rights community down the shitter in the blink of an eye?

      Look how easy it is for us to lose ground. Freakin depressing.

      I am actually going to approach one of my “foes” (friendly) here at work and innocently ask “does it really SAY THAT?”

      haha. Ok, you do that and report back here. Can I make a prediction? Based on a survey that was on here a while back, (I’ll dig it up if I need to) atheists tend to know the “holy” books much better than the very people who wave them in our faces at every opportunity. Your coworker frenemy probably doesn’t even know that those lines that I posted above even exist at all. They’ll start spewing defensive bullshit like – You know that Jesus is all about love, right?!! God loves us all sinners and saints alike!! But consider reminding these sad scared brainwashed individuals that Jesus came along after those lines were written. He could’ve had the balls to say that rape is horrible. That women are not the possessions of men to be bought and sold like cattle or won in wars and used as sexual playthings. But no. He didn’t do that. He held to the standard old testament cruelty story – Apparently he was just fine and dandy with the whole scenario! But then, Jesus didn’t really dig chics, right? Right.

      My conclusion, based on the words of the Bible is that Jesus didn’t really have a problem with rape at all. No big deal. He could have solved the problem any time he felt like it but he dropped the ball on that one.

      Now that I think about it, plenty of men alive today who don’t dig chics still treat us much better than ethically challenged Jesus dude.

      Why are there any females going to church at all? Can we get a little self respect here please? Don’t get down on your knees for assholes like Jesus (and Mo for that matter).

      So let’s see what the coworker says. I’d bet you a twenty on this prediction but I’m not sure how to collect it when I win. 😉

    • Steven007

      Amateurs built the ark,

      He’s right. A bunch of amateurs built it and when it’s replicated in modern times according to the specifications in the Bible – you guessed it – it sinks.

      If memory serves, didn’t someone try to replicate The Ark a few years back and tried to float it up the Thames and had to attach air filled floatation devices all around and under it? So disappointing. Could someone let the Ciboros know about this please?

    • Alan4discussion

      the jury is still out

      Well, I don’t see what’s taking so long. Two thousand years of jury deliberation seems more than enough to me. It’s all there in black and white after all. No brainer, right?

      First thing to address is whether or not these characters ever existed in the first place. Then we’ll talk about why we care about what a bunch of Middle Eastern iron age savages thought about what the correct treatment of women is at all.

      Tell that to the jury.

    • “Professionals built the Titanic. Amateurs built the ark,”

      Being amateurs they neglected to install a sat nav system, and the bloody thing hit a submerged mountain.

    • “Professionals built the Titanic. Amateurs built the ark,”

      That’s actually a stab at LOGIC. Hilarious. Let’s try some more.

      Jesus had two dads.

      God created original sin over a stolen apple, but forgives murder if you say “sorry”.

      God created light on the first day and the light source on the fourth.

      Homosexuals should be hated, but remember to love everyone.

      Cain and Abel (the first two children ever) went to the next town to find wives.

      Jealousy is a sin (Galatians 5:19-20)

      The god of the bible is a jealous god (Exodus 34:14)

      Therefore the god of the bible is a sinner.

      A sinner cannot be perfectly good.

      The god of the bible must be perfectly good.

      The god of the bible cannot exist by the actual words contained in the bible, itself.

      What if the bible is just a test and only the logical people who reject it are allowed into heaven?

      My favorite (not a bible one, though) If the south lost the civil was, why are there still southern states?

    • This will be an interesting case.

      Already, in the US at least, it is ok for people to break anti-discrimination laws based on their religious beliefs – especially in relation to homosexuals. I have often wondered where the line would be drawn here: could I kill my son and defend myself by proving that he was disobedient? According to Deuteronomy 21:18-21 the law states that such a son must be stoned to death, would I only get away with it if I killed him with stones?

      Given the country it is happening in, this case could go any way!!

    • Sigh, Open Note Book.
      Add “Toledo, Ohio, USA” to places that probably won’t be any good to visit anytime soon.
      Close Note Book.

    • Ah, so John Denver is USA’s version of our own Rochdale Cowboy (Mike Harding)….I never knew!

    • Sure, why not? Use the Old Testament “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Lock them up for years and rape them.

    • Wow Vicki, thanks for the update.

    • So much for the bible being a source of morality.
      So much for the bible being a good influence on behaviour.

    • I hope those guys enjoy prison life when there anal sphincters are getting a workout!