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    “When you come out as an atheist, you’ll probably be in for a round of Atheism 101 – Myths and Facts. Maybe more than one round. Even the most supportive believers often have misunderstandings about us. And the […]

    • Many years ago, the woman who managed the Renaissance Faire said to me that “Atheists hate God.” I wish I could have responded at that time, just how can an atheist “hate” something that does not exist??

    • cbrown

      Maybe we could hate God in the same way that we hate Voldemort or other nasty fictional characters.

    • Let’s get some bigotry out of the way first!
      Yes, Pol Pot and Stalin were atheists, but the atrocities they committed were for personal gain and stature, not in the name of atheism. Hitler was actually a single child from very dysfunctional catholic family.
      Religious people blame atheists for not having a moral code? Two things: Read the law of Moses; slavery, genocide, infanticide and systematic rape are all OK, and it doesn’t get much better in the new testament. Moreover, women had the status of cattle, as women have today under islam. Secondly: moral code comes from the family and society that you were raised in; religion just muddles the moral codes.

    • Oh, I have just realized, she is talking about people who left faith and moved towards atheism. Because she said: “…that we (atheists) left religion because we’re angry at God…”. When I read that I was puzzled for a second because I am non-believer and atheist since my birth, and when I read this passage I was thinking what is this…how can I be angry at something that is not a part of my life. It is like someone acused me of being angry with a person I have never met in my life hahaha. 😉

      Anyway, about believers explanations in general … really, sometimes when a person read their explanations of anything regarding faith, it gets speechless. As if you get in some sort of a vacuum of stupid statements and your sane brain can not come up with a response. hahaah…

    • Modesti #4
      Mar 2, 2017 at 3:23 am

      Oh, I have just realized, she is talking about people who left faith and moved towards atheism. Because she said: “…that we (atheists) left religion because we’re angry at God…”.

      Their misunderstanding is easy to comprehend.
      Many leave religions to become atheists, because they are angry about the damaging and destructive actions of irrational believers, – and as we know believers abdicate responsibilities for their dogma based actions, and attribute them to their “wonderful god”!

      Their thinking is:-
      “Our actions are (defined as) good because that is what our god-delusion (and preachers) tell us to do – therefore none of the damage is our fault or responsibility, so must be blamed on, and dumped on, someone else!”

      Atheists oppose lots of our goody-goody dogmas, so they must by our definition of “good”, be evil!

    • This could explain why Deepak Chopra is a Science basher using word salad to bamboozle people. Maybe science represents to him some sort of ‘western approach’ opposite to his eastern approach in which he was raised. His parents seem to have displayed racist bias against British as a revenge against colonialism as from the article below and Chopra seems to believe all these influences could still be acting out in him. Some honesty from Chopra!

      An excerpt from this article:
      But it’s more than that, I suggest. Chopra sits back and raises his hands, palms upward, smiling.

      “I totally agree. It’s my last challenge,” he says. “It may be a very strange psychological issue.”

      Or not so strange.

      When he was 6 years old, living in India, his father went to Britain to pursue higher studies in medicine.

      “My mother said that the first thing you need to do when you get there is to get a white British guy to polish your shoes,” Chopra recalls. “My parents, they grew up under English colonialism. Two hundred years of enslavement, and he went to Southampton and made sure it was a white guy that had his shoes shined.”

      His father sent them a letter, and Chopra recalls his mother reading it to them and saying, “See, after 200 years, your father got his shoes shined.”

    • vijay #7
      Mar 5, 2017 at 9:16 am

      @ your link – Deepak Chopra: “I am pissed off by Richard Dawkins’ arrogance

      Says the puffed up charlatan Chopra – pissed off at Richard’s debunking of his profitable woo quackery. To the assertive ignorant, all knowledge of evidence based science which debunks their nonsense, is “arrogant”!

      and his pretense of being a really good scientist. He is not”.

      When science duffers offer asserted opinions on who is a “good scientist”, their opinions really are of no consequence!
      Good scientists’ reputations, rely on the value and validity of their work in the eyes of their expert peers, not the opinions of publicity seeking buffoons!

      The guru of inner peace says his battle with Richard Dawkins is fueled by anger over his arrogance and posturing

      This is classic psychological projection from the arrogant, posturing, pseudo-scientist, Chopra!
      Exposing charlatans really does make them angry! –
      The diversionary concocted excuses, are whatever they think might appeal to the audience of the day!

    • Exposing charlatans really does make them angry!

      YES indeed. How dare you doubt their beliefs?? He or she believes what they say so therefore they are absolutely correct! So you rude bastard, don’t question their authority!!