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    Richard Dawkins has been an inspiration to countless people from around the world.  From theology and belief toa the amazing wonders of nature discovered by biology, Richard’s work has undoubtedly changed the […]

    • Happy birthday, Richard!

    • Happy Birthday Richard. Thank you for the inspiration you gave me over the past years and the years to come.

    • Happy birthday, dear Professor Dawkins! You are a brilliant scientist and a role model for a lot of young people around the globe, including me. I am proud to say I am majoring in biology, the passion that you and I share! I wish you all the best, and many more years to you! Always looking forward to hear more insightful things for you.

    • Happy birthday! I wish you all the best. Thank you for everything! We love you and appreciate you. Best wishes!

    • I suppose that birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake!
      …so, Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins! 🙂
      (Buon compleanno from Italy)

    • Best wishes for many happy returns and a continued healthy active life!

    • Best wishes!

    • Happy Birthday ! Thanks for all you do to educate the world on science and reason.

    • Dear professor Dawkins, I wish you a happy birthday. Sincerely, Alexander F. van Biezen.

    • Happy birthday, professor Dawkins. I wish you all the best, good health and happiness.

    • Happy birthday Professor Dawkins! My best wishes for you today and always. Thank you for being such an inspiration for so many people, you are certainly a beacon of light in this dark times we live in.

    • Happy Birthday to my greatest inspiration! You give us strenght to defend our rights and the ones of the oppressed. Not to mention the passion to learn every day. Best wishes dear Professor!!

    • Happy birthday professor Dawkins from the South African Secular Society! We wish you well and thank you for your tireless work over the years promoting science and reason. Please know that you’re work has had a profound influence globally and all the way down to us here at the tip of the African Continent!

    • Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! You have inspired me and many others to be skeptical.
      -Islamabad, Pakistan

    • I wish you the most happy of birthdays! You’re an inspiration to me. I’ve always loved science, but the way you handle yourself in debates and public speeches has encouraged me to find my own confidence in similar situations.

    • Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins! Hope one day see you in person and thank for your wonderful books. Im from South America and you don’t imagine how nice your books and lectures are to me… Thanks to your knowledge you change my life for good! 😀

    • Dear Prof. Dawkins, when I write this, the Voyager 1 is 20,652,986,479 KM from the Sun, and so is the record with the music of the Earth (selected by Carl Sagan et al 🙂 I wish you a happy birthday with my favorite track, performed by Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night:
      For some reason, knowing that this music travels in interstellar space and probably will reach other stars is a comforting thought for me – and probably for you too. Best wishes, Attila

    • Happy birthday Richard! 🎂

    • Happy birthday to you professor Dawkins. I wish you a long life and happiness. Thank you for your efforts to enlighten the people with Science.

    • Happy Birthday Richard !!!
      I’m a student of biology , and i try to defend “the gene eye-view of evolution” in my University where is full of
      “for the good of the spieces” …

      Thank you for your work

    • Happy Birthday Professor!
      I’m a huge fan 😀

      Thank you

    • Happy birthday!

    • Many Happy returns, Richard!

      Many, many moons ago, a younger version of myself read a certain passage in The Selfish Gene and wondered whether the author was an atheist. Back then you didn’t say these things in polite society, so you gave me the gift of confidence in my own conclusions.

      It’s the best gift anyone’s ever given me. Thank you so much.

      🙂 Ian 🙂

    • Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins.

      I really admire you. Your work has left a blueprint in my life.
      Thanks for everything you have given to this world. May the force be with you always!

      I wish many happy and awesome days in your life.

    • Happy birthday, professor Dawkins!

    • Happy Birthday Dr Dawkins. you are the torch bearer of reason today.

    • Dear Professor Richard Dawkins, happy birthday, you, most beautiful god’s masterpiece! Wish you a lot of happiness and love. Thank you for inspiring me everyday and for everything you have done.
      Warmly, Anna from Poland

    • С Днём Рождения старина!!!: )Спасибо вам за все те книги что вы написали.

    • Happy Birthday Richard! Wish you all the best 🙂

    • Richard Dawkins:

      I appreciate your brilliance, humor, compassion, and courage.

      Happy Birthday! I wish you many years of good health, productivity, fulfillment, and contentedness.

      —Dan Rosengarten

    • Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enlightening those of us who would have otherwise been left in the darkness of ignorance.
      Judy L Parsons

    • Many happy returns Richard. Have a great time you deserve it.

    • Happy Birthday Richard! Looking forward to hearing you speak at GWU in May.

    • Happy birthday Richard!! I’m so grateful for your work and your desire and motivation to educate with an emphasis on what is true. This has influenced me greatly in how I view the world and live my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Happy birthday, Richard! Best wishes to you!

    • Happy birthday, Richard!

      A short (26s) video of you telling a religious person about science—apparently it works…

      Fucking love what you do. I wish you a nice day!

    • Happy birthday, Richard!

    • Thank you, Richard from saving me from ignorance and a boring retirement!

    • Dear prof Dawkins, congratulations on your birthday and I hope there are many more to come. Thanks for helping me to think beyond my beliefs…

    • I wish you a happy, happy Birthday!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    • Happy birthday to one of the world’s most favored and charismatic atheist! We all appreciate you very much for bringing forth common sense into this world. Thanks for opening a new door to logic for me and breaking me free from the God delusion. May God bless you, oh wait…

    • Sir Richard,

      Happy 76th Birthday.

      I didn’t loose my faith as in lost it can’t find it, I just stopped pretending – to quote from the enemy of reason -1 Cor 13:11 enough said – thanks for making evolution clear for me.

    • Wishing Richard Dawkins a very happy Birthday!!! You are a revolutionary scientist. We all love you.

    • Happy birthday professor, Thank you so much for your contributions to science and education of the public. True inspiration to me.

    • I raise a glass of red biddy to Richard and the next 76 years !

    • Happy Birthday Richard. I lean on you heavily in my professional life. Your clear and concise writing regarding evolution has contributed greatly to my (and a few thousand of my students) understanding and love for the topic.

    • Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you. Your brilliant intellect is breathtaking. Your books have taken my mind to new heights and have provided the foundation I’ve needed to stand confident when stating that the emperor has no clothes.

      I want you to know that I am trying to do my part by teaching critical thinking skills to those who need it most. Happy Birthday dear Richard. xoxo

    • Well done Sir! Enjoy the next trip around the Sun.

    • Happy 76th professor Dawkins and thank you for all that you have taught me. I had bought tickets to one of your discussions last year in Oregon though sadly I was unable to attend. It was so important to me and I was so excited to finally listen to you in person! Then come to find out I had misconstrued the dates and was unable to make the trip from northern Washington. It was very disheartening indeed. I could never truly be sure if you read any of these comments but I like to believe you do. I’m sure you probably get tired of hearing or reading thank you from people but sincerely thank you for all that you have helped me with and taught me. I feel so much stronger in my ability to express my atheistic worldview when confronted with situations that call for said expression. I can only hope that one day I will be able to thank you in person and that will be a truly wonderful day indeed.

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Richard, a rather belated Happy Birthday!

      It’s the thought that counts.

      I read recently that you’re still ready to fight the good fight. Thank you for that, if it wasn’t for you I sometimes think I would go quite mad.


    • I wish you a very happy birthday. Be like a beacon for humanity in the coming years also.

    • Happy birthday, Richard! I wish you all the best!

    • A belated Happy Birthday from me too. I hope you had a great day, and have many more birthdays to come!

      Since I am now living in Wales, I’ll say Happy Birthday to you in Welsh:

      Penblwydd Hapus Richard!

    • happy b-day Richard…. 76 years young!!!!! You have opened my eyes and mind to the “true” wonders of the world…..

    • Being a week late … Happy Birthday season, Professor Dawkins!
      Your work offers such valuable insight and inspiration to so many.

      Cheers to you, health, science, reason, wonder, illustrated ties and odd socks!
      [and hoping an SF bay area lecture can be fitted in sometime soon :]