• Stephanie wrote a new post, A Letter from Michael Shermer to KPFA 3 years ago

    To: Quincy McCoy, KPFA General Manager, and Laura Prives, KPFA Program Director

    Dear Quincy and Laura,

    I am writing to protest the cancellation of the Richard Dawkins event. According to your not […]

    • Project Censored, a regularly scheduled KPFA program, claims to have been “celebrating independent journalism while fighting media censorship and supporting a truly free press”. I suggest the producers consider doing a segment on themselves.

    • I posted a comment yesterday on their website telling them how I feel about this. I am shocked at what they did. I so glad to see so many of Richard’s friends speaking out about this! Keep on keepin’ on, Richard!

    • Roedy replied 3 years ago

      It has gotten ridiculous. If you feel hurt simply because I disagree with you, you are behaving like a petulant toddler. I have no obligation to indulge you. Some religions train adherents to feel insulted if others do not agree. That pain they brought completely on themselves.

    • Spot on Roedy.

      Offence is a reductive tactic that will race to the bottom. We see it already in the realm of “micro aggressions” and “triggering”. We are in danger of losing our skins.

      We must, simply must teach and laud not taking offence over not giving it, if we are to have societies that are open, fault tolerant and increasingly wise.

    • Roedy #4
      Jul 29, 2017 at 4:28 am

      It has gotten ridiculous. If you feel hurt simply because I disagree with you, you are behaving like a petulant toddler.

      It has indeed, when information services withhold public rational debate to pander to petulant toddlers throwing temper tantrums, or psychopaths making threats.

      This is of course an inherent problem in those whose mental development has been retarded by indoctrination, so that they never reach the formal operations stage of mental development and the {mental} age of reason!

      Also – it’s good to see you back posting here. It’s been a while!

    • If I were an evil-minded person, I would think that Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars are behind the whole affair in order to change KPFA’s editorial line, something similar is doing in Qatar, using harder measures, with Al-Jazeera, but as I am not evil-minded, the only thing I can do is read good literature and quote one of Shakespeare’s many phrases: “something smells rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark”,… … … or wasn’t he referring to Denmark? The whole affair stinks to high heavens. Sorry, chaps for being so cynical; it’s not my nature, life made me like this.

    • To KPFA management:

      Just so you know, you hurt the feelings of millions of atheists around the world when you canceled/censored the Richard Dawkins segment.

      Fortunately you do not have to worry that Atheists will bomb your station or issue a fatwa for your assassinations in retaliation. These would be examples of those Islamic ideas (and behaviors) that Richard Dawkins so hatefully and carelessly denounces. So much for free speech when it doesn’t dutifully align with the Orwellian script.

      The Lone Star Atheist