• By Will Dunham | WASHINGTON
    Don’t take this the wrong way, but your oldest ancestor was not exactly a beauty.

    Scientists on Monday said a tiny marine creature from China that wriggled in the seabed mud about […]

    • I see an uncanny similarity with the current president…

    • That’s very unfair! Saccorhytus clearly had a far superior intellect.

    • M27Holts

      Holts, you’re way off the mark here. Cantaz is definitely on to something.

      a weird-looking beastie with a bag-like body and, for its size, a really big mouth.

      whose name means wrinkled sack.

      With its large mouth, it probably ate by simply engulfing food particles or smaller creatures whole.

      its waste material may have been expelled out of the mouth.

      was covered with a thin, flexible skin.

      So what we have here is a weird looking thin skinned beast with a wrinkled bag-like body and a big mouth that gobbles food and anything else in it’s path and then spews out shit with no shame whatsoever. Come on now! Add it up. Who are they really talking about here?! Come on Holtsie, I know you can do it…