• By Sean O’Kane
    One hour into a loud, contentious town hall meeting in his home state of Utah, Congressman Jason Chaffetz was asked two simple questions by a young girl named Hannah Bradshaw. The first was about […]

    • @OP – Asking the sitting congressman if he believes in science is sadly a relevant question.

      This reminds me of one of my earlier comments about intelligence and education!

      There is a significant difference between and educated intellectual, and a posing monkey, dressed up in a posh suit!
      The public at large, need to learn to recognise that difference!
      The difference becomes obvious, when key questions are asked in front of a rational critically thinking audience who demand proper answers!

    • There’s no doubt in my mind, that most kids are pretty damn shrewd when sussing out adults. This wee girl seems to have hit the target. OK, Not difficult, a loud mouthed reactionary, but she hit the bloody target !

      Oh if I could venture an answer to her questions as to what he is going to do about clean water, air etc ? Bugger all.
      Does he believe in science ? Evidently not !

    • It is a bit much expecting beavers to understand
      climate change.