• By Elizabeth Pennisi

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—When it comes to genome sequencing, visionaries like to throw around big numbers: There’s the UK Biobank, for example, which promises to decipher the genomes of 500,000 ind […]

    • @OP – Yesterday, at a meeting here organized by the Smithsonian Initiative on Biodiversity Genomics and the Shenzhen, China–based sequencing powerhouse BGI, a small group of researchers upped the ante even more, announcing their intent to, eventually, sequence “all life on Earth.”

      High sounding as this is, perhaps we and they, should bear in mind that much life on Earth is yet to be discovered!

      Numerous previously unknown insects, and even species of quite large animals, have been in remote jungles, while in the deep sea, almost every mini-sub finds forms of previously unknown life! – and that’s just the large visible organisms!

      Their plan, which does not yet have funding dedicated to it specifically but could cost at least several billions of dollars, has been dubbed the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP).

      It sounds a bit like wishful thinking!

    • Sounds like this is a job for Wowbagger.