ISLAMABAD: The foreign ministry would circulate a comprehensive strategy paper dealing with legal and technical issues regarding blasphemous content on the social media among ambassadors of […]

    • @OP – The meeting — which arguably marked the first step towards evolving a joint strategy to deal with blasphemous material on the social media — also decided that references on the matter would be sent to chiefs of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and Arab League.

      Robert Firth #1
      Mar 28, 2017 at 8:02 pm

      And so night falls on civilisation and natural reason.

      . . Probably not in the educated civilised countries of the world, although disputes between the differing Islamic sects and other fundamentalist religions, will probably escalate!

      Fundamentalists like shouting about “joint ‘religious’ strategies”, but crusading fundamentalists don’t do compromises with other competing fundamentalists, and have all sorts of problems trying to resolve their dogmas with the practicalities of the real world!

      Then there is the fundamental conflict between use of internet technologies, and science denial!
      (You can’t build or run internet technologies without scientists!)

    • They are trying to hold back the tide. Not gonna happen for long.