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    By Brian Resnick
    Here’s a simple question: How many Americans don’t believe in God?
    Pew and Gallup — two of the most reputable polling firms in America — both come to a similar figure. About 10 percent of Amer […]

    • Gervais and Najle recently conducted a new analysis on the prevalence of atheists in America.
      And they conclude the number of people who do not believe in God may be even double that counted by these polling firms.

      Whenever a poll or article spells GOD with a capital “G”, this suggests preconceptions about the community being surveyed!
      In most religions other than Christendom gods have personal names.

    • @OP VOX link

      There’s something else to consider here: Our experience with religion can’t really be boiled down to one question — “Do you believe in God?”

      Many of us have a complicated relationship with religion. There are plenty of people celebrating Easter and Passover this week not because they have devout faith, but because it’s a cultural tradition they cherish and identify with.

      Pew regularly finds data that supports this multifaceted view. When people in their surveys say, “I believe in God,” Pew will often ask a follow-up question: “How certain are you?” And they find that not everyone is so sure.

      In the extended linked article, there are sceptical questions about the validity of the survey techniques.

    • In the US, for most people belief in God is the default position. But when you ask them to describe this god, is it a “he”? If it is a “he”, does he have a penis? A penis has two functions. Does God have to take a pee? Is there a Mrs. God? Where does he reside? If he is all knowing, all good, and all powerful, why is there evil? When you ask such questions, you find they have not really thought about it, just as they have not thought about prayer, faith, and what an afterlife might be like. Are god and the afterlife in this dimension or another? If in this dimension, where? If in another dimension, how many other dimensions might there be? So when someone says they believe in God, you don’t really know what they mean because they do not really know what they mean. Its not a good question.

    • Timothy #4:

      If it is a “he”, does he have a penis? Does God have to take a pee?

      hahahaha… I like this!

      Article: So when a stranger conducting a poll calls and asks the question, it
      may be uncomfortable for many to answer truthfully.

      Lies are probably the most dangerous thing in human history and human relationships. At glance, a small lie, trivial (perhaps ony on surface) said not to hurt other or not to feel ashamed can have catastrophic consequences. I think that every time we say it it is a sort of killing. If only those non believers and atheists stood right and say NO… I do not believe in god.

      Alan4discussion #1:

      Whenever a poll or article spells GOD with a capital “G”, this
      suggests preconceptions about the community being surveyed!

      So true!

    • @OP – About 10 percent of Americans say they do not believe in God, and this figure has been slowly creeping up over the decades.

      It is certainly much easier to dismiss the biblical Abrahamic God (with a capital “G”), than to cope with all the pseudo-philosophical arguments about the vague possibilities of the existence of mysterious undefined supernatural god-entities conjured up by gapologists!

    • Of course in Mormon theology God does have a wife, Heavenly Mother, and Mormon fundamentalists believe that Heavenly Father has multiple wives.

    • Alan4discussion #6

      He also had 70 or more sons with her – according to
      pre-biblical holy texts! (NT Jesus – the 71st. or 89th. son of God???
      🙂 ) … Yahweh in the Bible commands the destruction of her shrines
      so as to maintain purity of worship to Yahweh Himself.

      I didn’t know this. A godess! But of course man had to get rid of her hahaha… and put himself on greatest throne as always. 😉 🙁 Interesting, how all this stories about dozens of children, or many wives in religious texts are so transparently written by men… they all like to pretend they had dozens children (mostly male), lived hundred or more years, had several wives (which are only some sort of pendant or ornament), etc. hahaha

      Why they do that? Why gods have to show their “omni-potence (potency)” in therms of gender? Probably just a projection from a writers and those men who invented this stories. 🙂

    • With a different mix, Mary Magdalene rather than Peter, would be
      recognised as the first pope!

      I know what you mean. But, of course that was impossible since some evil men gathered to form a hierarchical structure which will gain them (and those who they choose) wealth and power. 🙁 For the sake of dialog I am considering this gospels and characters and events to be true, although I do not really, hahaha. So, look how ill this all is. This Peter character is set to be first of the directors of the roman-chatolic organisation, a man who has betrayed jesus (a central figure upon which their organisation is formed)! When roman soldiers arrested jesus, Peter (his pupil) said oh, no, no, I do not know this man,… I do not have anything to do with him. (hahaha) Scared for his own skin he has runs away, he betrayed his friend and his teaching saying to everyone that he does not know that man, and he gets to be founder and first director of powerful religious organisation. Juda at least had a courage and moral to kill himself after he realised what he has done hahaha. This Peter character is a lousy traitor and he gets to be authority of chatolicism! Well, I am not surprised, but people do not mind as it seems. After Peter grabbed power he forms a hierarchical structure that would in few years kill, savagely torture and terorize people. How ghastly.

      She summarizes: “It was precisely the traditions of Mary as a woman,
      as an exemplary disciple, a witness to the ministry of Jesus, a
      visionary of the glorified Jesus, and someone traditionally in contest
      with Peter, that made her the only figure who could play all the roles
      required to convey the messages and meanings of the Gospel of Mary.”

      Well, three women stood by Jesus side during his arrest and they stood by him after crucifixion – Mary, Anna and Mary Magdalene… they had courage… his pupils had something other to do,…some sort of more urgent bussines hahaha. They have run off like flies. 😉 So in this christian story traitors and coward are moral and a backbone of an “exemplary” structure that advertise love, goodness, etc., and truly brave and moraly right are expelled.

      Many Christians have never heard of these OTHER gospels, or may simply
      dismiss them as later created stories (as of course ALL the “gospels”
      are, as none were written by contemporary eye witnesses.)

      Yes. I mean, even when they have only this 4 main stories they do not see how twisted it is! By the way,… it is interesting to know why those gospels exist, or existed in the first place. I don’t konw… I am thinking why did they wrote those stories, who wrote them for real, and for whom have they wrote them? I mean, I am imagining that there was more illiterate people in those days than litterate, so to whom those writings were intended? Were they some sort of advertising material? I mean this gospels were all written “after the facts” (what were the facts is another matter) , and they all are propaganda material in my opinion of an rising evil. 😉 And another thing,.. are Vatican archives closed for non-believer scientists? I would like to see them digging in it and revealing all (publicly) this forgeries of lettering and materials (papers) as it was done by British Museum when they bought Sinaticus bible and discovered more than 14 800 forgeries under ultraviolet light.

    • Might be useful to first ask that whole suite of questions, like how many times a week do you attend religious meetings, how many times a week do you pray, how many times a week do you open and read your holy book, etc. and THEN ask how strong is your belief in a god or gods. Whacking them in the face with the ultimate question right up front is more likely to cause a rejection of the concept.