• By Nigel Duara

    The coroner’s van pulled into the driveway sometime after midnight, and for a moment — her dead daughter in her arms — LaTisha Shippy hated God.

    “I had hate in my heart for him,” Shippy sai […]

    • “In deep-red Idaho, where the right to be left alone trumps all ideologies, lawmakers have repeatedly rejected proposed changes to the law that would impose criminal or civil penalties for failing to seek medical care for children with life-threatening conditions.”

      So abortion, even of a few-hours’ old bundle of cells, is anathema; but they’ll quite happily let die near-term babies, and even young children, for want of medical treatment.
      (If nothing else, this double standard illustrates it’s not so much concern over new life that’s important to them, as it is control over women’s bodies.)

      All for a belief that professional medicine is the devil’s work. So what if they believe that? It no more justifies child abuse and child neglect than it would murder or any other crime.