Ripping up France’s political map, French voters elected independent centrist Emmanuel Macron as the country’s youngest president Sunday, delivering a […]

    • Macron’s open invitation to American scientists to go and work in France is a welcome, smart and encouraging start to his term in office; if the present incumbent in America is intent on encumbering scientific progress in his country then he deserves to lose his scientists. This wave of cheap and nasty anti-intellectual populist nonsense is reminiscent of 1917 Russia. America once led the World in science and technology and if it is now to avoid reaching its nadir in those disciplines it must jettison this ignoramus of a president!

    • My joy at the result is tempered by the realization that some 11 million French citizens went into a polling booth and willingly cast a ballot for a party which is fascist and racist. Trump is a buffoon but even he doesn’t approach the level of demagoguery and intolerance of Le Pen.

      However I believe, (and hope), that most of the people who voted for the National Front are not racists, merely concerned citizens prepared to overlook the more odious policies and pronouncements of Le Pen, In that case Macron and the EU have their work cut out to persuade them of the benefits of immigration and closer integration with the EU. Heres hoping they succeed.