• By Jacqueline Williams
    SYDNEY, Australia — Australia’s senior Roman Catholic prelate, and one of Pope Francis’ top advisers, has been charged with sexual assault, the police in the Australian state of Victori […]

    • “Ms. Milligan said that she had interviewed the cardinal’s accusers for more than a year and that the accusations covered several decades.”

      The Church is just a remnant of an ancient institution, something that we do not need anymore: it does not provide moral guidance (it has never done so) and it does not help fighting the plagues of our time. Regardless of the alleged positive effects of religion on people, I think that an organism as the church is for mankind today, utterly redundant.

      And this without considering the absurd things that we read on a monthly basis.

    • Garrick #4
      Jun 30, 2017 at 9:20 am

      Getting through the airport at either end of the flight might be the hardest parts of the journey,

      If he has a police escort taking him into custody, this would make it much simpler!

      whereas the flight itself can quite comfortably be slept through, especially if one has a clear conscience.

      On the other hand, after having made numerous denials, anticipating the prospects of being confronted in court with numerous witnesses and substantial evidence, jogging old memories, could be quite unsettling!

    • Several studies have found that, at “only” 2%, the incidence of abuse by priests in the Catholic church does not exceed that in the general population. Be that as it may I have to ask, if these men are all being “called into service by God” perhaps God should do a better job of screening those in his employ.

      PS. what is with the new ‘Prove your humanity’ arithmetic test on the login page? Are there really thousands of bots out there with RD accounts?

    • My dad was prominent enough in the local catholic community where I grew up to have a bishop over for dinner every so often. It turned out that at least six of the priests the family associated with would be involved in sex scandals, including two successive high school principals, an assistant principal, and one who as a seminarian was a summer camp counselor. It seems to me that it was a lot more than 2% of priests, at least in that local diocese.

    • In the eightys the first hints of widespread abuse by the churches was met with disbelief.
      What happened to the victims of the thirtys and fortys? Those are now adults, maybe still within the church.
      The abused turning in abusers?

    • @gwolf #7.

      Like you my gut feeling tells me the real number of abusers in the Catholic church is higher than this. My theory is that there are young men who, when faced with the realization they are sexually attracted to children, decide to seek refuge in theology in the hope that Jesus may cure them of this affliction. They need professional psychological help. Instead they get religious mumbo jumbo and society suffers the tragic consequences.