• By Alessandra Maldonado

    Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed into law a bill that will allow courses on the Bible to be taught in public schools beginning on Friday. Overwhelmingly passed by Kentucky’s R […]

    • What a nightmare, it would trigger post.traumatic syndrome im me (that´s no anecdote).

    • @OP – the courses must discuss all aspects of the Bible — such as characters, poetry, and narratives —

      I am sure I could put together some most enlightening courses: – The early evolution from the Canaanite pantheon of gods, – the authorship and editing of the New Testament, and aspects of the Bible, – but I don’t think that is what he has in mind!

      because they are “prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture.”

      I could probably also put together some courses on understanding the cherry-picking and “faith interpretation goggles”, used in science denying American fundamentalist evangelical culture!

    • I hope they place emphasis on the origins of Adam and Eve and their two sons “children”.

    • I’ve always been fond of the Bible story where Jesus notices that there are money deals being made in the holy temple, then enters the temple and proceeds to have a complete nutty breakdown and smashes the place all to shit. If it was nowadays, he’d be arrested, charged with a list of crimes; vandalism, destruction of property, disturbing the peace, possibly assault and battery if he went after one of the money lenders and belted the guy, who knows what really happened? Tell it to the judge, Jesus. Court ordered anger management therapy, 100 hours of community service and two years probation sounds about right to me.

      This is a good story to scare those Kentucky teens straight. Moral of the story: Don’t go after the money lenders no matter how angry you are. They can afford the best lawyers and you can’t.

    • Laurie, I don’t think Jesus would have been much of a hunter either.
      He seems to be a homeless hippy.

    • Alf

      Yes, that’s how I imagine him too. Just hangin out with the homeboys and talking about life and death and all other mundane issues of the day. He had some anger issues and he wasn’t a family man and showed no interest in women or relationships aside from his imaginary daddy in the sky and he did manage to maintain a few male friendships but that wasn’t a perfect picture either. He pissed off the authorities and instead of weaseling his way out of it like any other normal person would do, he has to make this big deal gesture of defiance and then got himself killed for it.

      I feel bad for his poor mom who must have been broken emotionally over the ordeal for the rest of her life. When she found herself between a rock and a hard place thirty years previous to that loss, she fabricated a story and smoothed the whole thing over. She stayed alive and raised her son and I’ll just bet she was begging Jesus to take the same strategy with his own ridiculous problems, but no, he had to do things the hard way.

      I think the guy was a homeless hippy with mental health issues. Bipolars can be very charismatic life of the party types but can dip into a detachment from reality on occasion. I think he was probably dealing with something like that although I have to say that I have strong doubt as to whether he ever existed in the first place. I don’t even care about the guy enough to read books or articles dealing with that topic. When I talk about Jesus I’m talking about a character that is described in a book of fiction the same way I’d talk about the character Poldark from the novels and show on Masterpiece Theater. I believe that Poldark has a much stronger moral compass than Jesus ever did. (Probably better looking too!)

    • Alan

      Maybe those other myth creators couldn’t deal with the possibility that the guy might be gay or asexual. There’s something about the idea of being single and childless by choice that some people find threatening. Bill Maher was just complaining about this a couple weeks ago. Others never stop hinting around about fixing up the single with a good match and couples get tired of nosey others asking when they’re going to have kids. In Middle Eastern and N. African culture even today, single people are an oddity. If there was a real Jesus then I don’t think he’d have made it to his mid thirties without having marriage foisted on him by his own family if he didn’t take it on all by himself. They are petrified of homosexuality and I really think they see marriage as a “cure” for that condition. Much misery is caused by this policy but just saying, if there was a real Jesus then there probably was a real marriage.

    • I once left an auditory at university when a muslim Koran schoolar quoted Koranic “passages” (verses) because he took it so seriously that he almost went into a crisis and started speaking too loudly, and now I sometimes regret I wasn´t more unsensitive and stayed there listening to him till the end of his discourse, actually.

    • Just a modest opinion of one child of the sixties: “hippy” is an adjective, “hippie” is the noun. Return to your duties.

    • They should include Steve Wells’s book “Drunk with Blood – God’s killings in the bible” and Dan Barker’s “God- the most unpleasant character in all fiction” as adjunctive texts.

      My favorite things to discuss with bible thumpers are Lot’s experiences in the cave after Sodom and Gommorah (Old Testicle) and Jesus’s treatment of the fig tree (New Testicle). The only explanation possible is “Mysterious Wayz”. 🙂


    • @OP – the courses must discuss all aspects of the Bible — such as
      characters, poetry, and narratives — I am sure I could put together
      some most enlightening courses: – The early evolution from the
      Canaanite pantheon of gods, – the authorship and editing of the New
      Testament, and aspects of the Bible, – but I don’t think that is what
      he has in mind! Alan4discussion on comment 4

      Some quotes of a writer that I love, a feminist (she wrote also a message in a book called “The Hippies”). I used to love this woman in my teens (I think I am feminist from my early childhood) used to watch her tv programme called “Matria” (I followed it with the same interest as Cosmos, by Carl Sagan if I can compare).
      Once I saw her in Parliament, she had so penetrating eyes that l think I could feel it from distance.
      So here goes:

      My dream of happiness would be that there is no need for poetry as a literary genre because it is already fulfilled in life.

      The spirit manifests itself in various divine forms, which are the gods. This is polytheism! Polytheism is the very demonstration that unity is in the spirit and that the gods are facets of that unity. I’m a spiritualist!

      I think the woman’s mission is to haunt, to amaze. If the woman does not amaze … Besides, it is not only the woman, all human beings have to dazzle their fellow beings to be an event. We have to be an event for each other. So the person has to do his best to dazzle his fellow man, so that life is a cause for wonder. This is called seduction, I fulfilled what I had to do. My first contact with people is a great affability. When people refuse this kindness, then I give them what they ask of me: irascibility. I turn their backs on you angrily, that’s all. If this is bad temper, maybe it is.
      Natalia Correia in a Google translation

      Schlafly, would never seduce me

      Gosh I think the bible in so ugly concerning those aspects of poetry (perhaps Noah´s ark that I think can be somehow related to the conservation of species)

    • do his best to dazzle his fellow human being (not man)

    • Groovy.

    • I’m really sorry I started the hippy thing………..