• Tris Mamone wrote a new post, The Cheap Prosperity Gospel of Trump and Osteen 2 years, 11 months ago

    By Anthea Butler
    Before it began to rain in Houston last week, the spectacularly wealthy pastor Joel Osteen could have opened up his megachurch to serve as a logistics center. He could have announced that […]

    • Joel Osteen is an amazingly successful con artist who misappropriates the philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth and capitalises on the ignorance and greed of his “followers”.

    • Correction, giggity, they all are. He’s just more successful at it than most.

    • nearly finished titan by ron chernow
      bio of john d rockefeller snr
      the most ‘successful’ pusher of the prosperity gospel of them all

    • q

      Is it good?

      I do believe one of the greatest of his crimes is not the monopolism, managed decently by law, but Charity, that great disabler of building compassionate states and the reliable right to welfare without fickle and meddlesome intervention.

      Charity is the badge of goodness to cover the selfish. They have little right to feel good.

    • Why does Almighty God permit a world where people even need charity ? Jesus can keep his ‘socialism’ i.e. giving stuff away. Instead let’s go for the real thing, each of us owns everything in common equally including the means of production and distribution. Unfortunately for the likes of uncharitable Joel Osteen, he will be one of those doing the giving. But he won’t starve, nor be put against a wall. His skills can perhaps be used to entertain people as a magician ?