• By Amanda Marcotte

    Last week, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) put out a new report on religion in America that measured a truly remarkable shift: For the first time, almost certainly in the cou […]

    • To a large extent, Jones said, it’s the trend of “young, white people leaving Christian churches that is driving up the number of religiously unaffiliated Americans.”

      So next time some religious pundit comes up with “atheism is just another religion”, suggest that “empty seats” are the fastest growing church congregations!

    • Even a broken clock is correct two times a day…

      With their congregation leaving the church in droves after their international child rape abomination, keeping bums on benches is a challenge. The domestic sheep have wandered off – solution; import more sheep!

    • It seems Jesus is losing his sex appeal among the young ? Just like in Western Europe, too many other diversions from the straight and narrow path ? TV, internet, Twitter, Game of Thrones, Football, sex, rock n’ roll, drugs, learning, etc etc. Funny how both my parents rejected religion without any of those things. In my mother’s case through boredom, and in my father’s case because of a bullying RCC priest.

      I look forward to the first Southern Baptist Church in Alabama being turned into a pub, or flats, as is happening to CoE churches in England !

    • Mr DArcy

      Jesus is losing his sex appeal

      Huh?! WHAT sex appeal? The guy has “lousy lay” written all over him. Jesus is the kind of guy who sends women into a boredom coma. Every one of your examples of “diversions” listed above provide numerous presentations of guys who are very hot and actually alive! How in the world could bland not-alive Jesus compete with our super sexy badass singers, artists, actors, athletes, etc. ?! A few simple magic tricks could never attract the screaming hoards of women that the Beatles did.

      If the churches want women to get off on Jesus then they should distribute posters of the guy in a Playgirl pose along with a free vibrator.

    • Even though a man, I must agree with Bonnie that Jesus has no sex appeal ! In my defence I will say that the term ‘sex appeal’ was sexed up. A no boner is guaranteed by following Jesus into the desert having given away all my possessions ! I am a socialist, but that ain’t socialism !

    • Jesus has no sex appeal.

      That final S&M trope offers a little frison for many. Pity he forgot his safe word or he’d be forgotten himself by now…

    • Alan

      Good luck convincing the true believers of this world (Christians and Muslims) that a business-card-sized fragment of papyrus with “possibly authentic” writing holds the true explanation of Jesus’ relationship with women. The Bible (as far as I know) presents a picture that is completely different. Jesus of the Bible was cold and dismissive of women and that includes his own mother. If he didn’t appreciate the company of women then that’s his business. I don’t care. But as the son of God, why couldn’t he at least speak up for basic women’s rights?

      If this view of Jesus as either gay or asexual is so bothersome to our on-the-fence- accomodationists that they have to search around the “holy” lands and dig up evidence that addresses their discomfort then they are destined to find the “evidence” that they desperately desire. Maybe Jesus had a wife or maybe he never existed at all, but the Bible story stands as the accepted and required view of the moderates and orthodox at this point in time. It’s too dangerous for the church to allow Jesus to be lowered in status to that of a normal man with “base” desires that go along with that. He wouldn’t be special anymore.

    • the papyrus fragment contains a translated line that reads, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …’” and also refers to a “Mary,” possibly Mary Magdalene.

      If I only had a dime for every incidence of a female named Mary/Mirium I’d be a wealthy woman. A favorite name of believers of the big three monotheisms that came out of the Middle East. The name Jesus – translation to Arabic is Aissa – Aye-sa, (trying to spell it phonetically for the anglophones) is still popular there to this day. A fragment turns up with the names Jesus and Mary, because maybe people named Jesus and Mary and Bathsheba were a dime a dozen, just sayin.