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    “The higher you get, the flatter it looks,” the pilot replied. Henderson wasn’t surprised: The pilot’s response was evidence of something he’d been researching for years.

    For a moment there I honestly thought Henderson had been researching the optical phenomenon that distance compresses perspective (at least in human eyes, don’t know about eagles).

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    “We confuse our decisions and actions with free will”

    @Dan (#16), could you please explain the difference between free will and decisions? Free will seems to be a nebulous concept anyway; when I look at Wikipedia, it tells me right at the start that there is no universally accepted definition (awesome), but that in a broader sense it means the…[Read more]

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    For huge companies like these, the real-life facts about GMOs—I mean, the facts about their actual effects, or noneffects, on human health and the environment—are secondary. So what if advocates for labeling come off as anti-science zealots or denialists with no more respect for expert consensus than a bunch of climate skeptics? So what if stu…

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