• One of these days, we’re going to be hit by one of these things in a very sensitive spot, maybe a major city, or in the middle of the sea where it triggers a tidal wave. That’s assuming a much bigger one doesn’t […]

  • I know where the term “natural selection” came from, thank you. I don’t need a lecture from you. And for your information, it is not semantics. It really does matter which unit is identified as the or a unit of […]

  • Oh dear, that penultimate paragraph doesn’t read as well as I’d hoped. Let me try and clarify: a single stick insect can be considered a “group”, so to speak, of cells, or more specifically of the genes within […]

  • “An altruistic individual might lose his life in protecting the group, and an outlier individual who was selfish (a “parasite”) might even compete better than other individuals within that group, but it would be […]

  • Why aren’t my comments getting through!? I’ve posted three, and none of them showed up.

  • Not with any great urgency. I’ve been inactive for almost five years, and both rediscovered/eyed up the site and revisited Dawkins’ books about a month ago. I’ve been wondering how to get back in for a while, and […]

  • Also, I’m back after a long absence. Hello, everyone. It’s been years.

  • I don’t see the point of dragging “group selection” into this at all. Even traditional “individual selection” doesn’t happen, for the simple reason that even those rare individual organisms who clone themselves […]

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    Good grief, what has happened to this site since last I was here? The interface is clumsier than I remember. And what happened to all my old comments and posts?

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    His conclusion? While we see no evidence for intelligent life
    anywhere, it’s virtually certain that it has been there, somewhere, in
    the past. But why is there no evidence?

    This doesn’t sound like science, but more like personal opinion. If there is little to no evidence, then it can’t be “virtually certain” that intelligent life has b…[Read more]