TIES Partnership Project


What is the TIES Partnership Project?

The TIES Partnerships Project serves as a network for teachers and biologists in nearby areas to connect with one another. Many biologists are eager to help their local science teachers but do not know how to reach out to them. Likewise, science teachers are always on the lookout for good resources. What better resource than your friendly neighborhood biologist?!

Once connected, our ultimate goal is to have the biologist visit the teacher’s class and help the teacher present the topic of evolution effectively to his/her students.

While the network connects people, the details of the school visits are left to the teacher and biologist to plan themselves. We do, however, provide a presentation which biologists can use to address the teacher’s curriculum standards, along with several hands-on activities and online games to choose from. The biologist can certainly add details to the presentation about his/her own special field of study. TIES hopes this will allow biologists to share their knowledge and inspire young students to continue learning more about evolution, as well as help teachers provide accurate information they can use to nurture that desire to learn.


Check out the links below to register as a teacher or as a biologist for TIES Partnerships!

A Letter from Bertha Vazquez

Bertha Vazquez, the Director of TIES, has written a letter, asking biologists to help teachers and students throughout the United States by participating in TIES’s various programs, TIES Partnership in particular. Check it out here!


Evolution FAQ

Have questions about what is acceptable to say and do when teaching evolution? The NCSE has a great resource that can give you the run down on the do’s and don’ts of teaching evolution.

Does and Don't

NSTA Position Statement

Our position statement at TIES is the same as that of The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Not only do they share the same views as we do regarding how evolution and natural selection is taught, but also in regards to how much influence policy makers and administrators should and shouldn’t have when it comes to science education.


TIES Teacher Corps

Our TIES Teacher Corps consists of dedicated science teachers who volunteer at TIES workshops in their school districts and at local colleges. They present information about their state’s science standards on evolution and natural selection. To learn more, click our link below.

Join the Teacher Corps

Share Your Best Practices

Many teachers have wonderful ideas, and experience helps create the best lesson plans. Have ideas about labs or lessons that you’d like to share?
You can send your labs and lessons to Bertha Vasquez below, and have them posted on our website at the bottom of the page for other teachers to check out.
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